The core focus areas of the company are Staff Consumable Distribution to both the Private and Public sector.

Service delivery and customer service is not something we do, or a measure of value that we add, it is at the Heart of who we are. We have fully committed ourselves to sustainability as a core business ethic and as such we acknowledge the imperative to practice it in all that we do.

We have the infrastructure, capability and capacity to execute service delivery to all key sectors in the economy. Our team has the knowledge , experience and drive to ensure that demands are not just met but exceeded!


“I believe in being personally involved in the company, working alongside my staff.”

Aamilah De Beer

Infuno Distributors’ vision is to excel in the service-delivery industry while remaining competitively priced.

Since the inception of the company, it has become a market leader in the industry in the Western Cape. Starting off with only two staff members, a borrowed delivery vehicle and a rented warehouse, the company has grown in 12 years to a staff compliment of 18, six delivery vehicles and a fully stocked warehouse.

Infuno Distributors is a 100% Woman owned, a 100% BEE company (Level 1 Contributor) and a QSE company (annual turnover between R10 million and R50 million).

Excellent service delivery is the one non-negotiable key to a lasting business success!!

100% Women Owned

Infuno Distributors Daily Slogan

Proudly BEE Level 1 Contributor & QSE Company

100% Covid-19 Compliant